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About SSW Programme

This Programme is specially designed by Japan government to supply the shortage of Blue Collar workforce in Japan. India & Japan mutually signed a memorandum of cooperation for sending Specified Skill workers from India to Japan. Under this SSW Memorandum Indians, youths have the opportunity to work in Japan without a professional qualification.

Before the introduction of this program, all foreign workers were required to have specific qualifications such as academic degree, special skill, or work experience, thus unskilled laboring was not permitted. Now, Japanese companies are permitted to employ foreign workers with no specific qualifications under 14 categories who have a certain level of expertise and skill in the relevant industry.

NAVIS is a pioneer in the industry and the first to send Indians to Japan under the SSW Category in the Year 2020 itself and well before it implements in India.

We Crafted our upskill program so simple and easy to crack the SSW exam. We made our own brand “MANTEN” Japanese language textbook specially customized for the SSW program & the first one in the world officially dedicated to the SSW Programme.

Simplified Process

1. Register yourself
2. Get trained & clear SSW Exam
3. Attend Client Interview
4. Sign Contract
5.Complete Visa Formalities
6. Fly to Japan
7. Start working in Japan

Job Category